Rae Dunn Fanatic?

Are you one of those Rae Dunn fanatics? Those collectors of the fine arts? Those, gotta have it, really need it, obsessed types? Yep, me too! Okay, confession...I definitely was a year ago. That's how I've collected all those unicorn pieces I have. The persistence, the numerous trips to the numerous stores...daunting, yes. But, if you think it's worth it, then it doesn't matter to anyone else but YOU! 

{fyi: Rae dunn is an artist. she is the mastermind behind the design of all these pieces we love and obsess over. yes people, she's a real person! now, magenta is the MANUFACTURER of all of these beloved pieces. so you'll often find one name or both on the bottom of all of these pieces; mugs, bowls, platters, canisters, etc.} 


Okay, so here's some tips, tricks, & hints at finding rae dunn...

~Rae dunn clay can only be found in a few select locations. And if you're lucky enough, they're nearby. the most popular spots are home goods, tj maxx, & marshall's. all of which are owned as a whole, which is why you'll find them in those stores mainly. Like these...

~now, rae dunn also has what is called a boutique line. that line can only be found in those "boutique" stores. those are the small shops you'll find all over in those cute little towns we all love to shop hop in. the boutique line is a little different than the "retail" line you'll find at the bigger stores. here are some...

~You can also look online at norstrom.com & magenta.com to find mostly boutique items, with a few traditional pieces. Like these...

~if you're interested in looking for resale items and you're willing to pay the UPCHARGE these RE-SELLERS are charging then here are a few places you can look; ebay, amazon, Facebook sites, instagram, and the mercari app. i've personally found that the mercari app is the most reliable. with a variety of rated sellers & decent prices. also, the mercari admin are good about tracking the transactions to ensure the buyers have a great experience. 

~last but certainly not least, rae dunn has a collaboration with home essentials to offer a glassware line! this is super exciting for collectors, since this is the first VEER from clay goods. here's a sampling at what you'll see in stores now!

Happy Hunting Friends!

Style from your soul, 



Meg Hardy