DIY Kitchen Update

So I did it. I took the plunge! Our old, original, fading, cherry cabinets had seen better days. We're the second owners of our home and they were sad when we bought 3 years ago. I had finally had enough of their sad, pitiful, not so cute distressed look.

Now, because I'm not naturally a patient person, nor want to spend thousands to have a pro come in and spray paint cabinets, oh and we can't forget that living in Florida exposes you to all the humidity for one lifetime on any given day, I decided to DIY this one. And this definitely was not my first rodeo. (Back story: I used to paint furniture for some extra spending cash & had done the kitchen in our first home).

This time around was actually simpler because of that one product everyone raves about. The one that is a serious life changer in the painting department. The queen of paints in some eyes...sometimes including mine! Dun, Dun, Dun...CHALK paint!

I've tried a few different chalk paints and I can confirm, you get what you pay for. For this project though, I needed budget & wallet friendly, since we have so many cabinets in our kitchen. I decided to go with a paint that I'd seen many DIY'ers use, including on the infamous stenciled floors. I figure if it held up on a floor then it surely could hold up on kitchen cabinetry. And sure enough...

So, here's the knitty gritty folks...I'm supplying you with a materials (mats) list, where you can purchase these items, with prices, and my honest opinions on the products and how this all worked out for me. It's up to you to supply yourself with the confidence to take the plunge. I, myself, always jump two feet in when it comes to DIY's. Sometimes it's an epic fail but most of the time it's just plain EPIC!

So, muster that inner Wonder Woman (or Superman), get your mats and get to work. Yes, because let's not mistake's work. A lot of work. But so very worth it in the end. Plus, it's saving your wallet a few grand and probably your marriage. Oh, and spring for that hour long massage at the end of it all. You'll most likely need it! Hey, don't let that scare you away from doing something your heart desires. Take those bull horns and conquer! {click here} to see before and after pics.

Mats List:

Rustoleum Linen White Chalk Paint (30 oz) - my kitchen took 3 1/2 containers

4" foam roller and refill pack $5-7 for roller $8-10 for refills

2" foam brush (buy a few) $3

Small Paint tray (at least 2) $2/ea

Polycrylic Clear Satin finish (qt.) $16

TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner (1 lb box) $4

Other essentials: Painter's tape, rubber dish washing gloves, Phillips head screw driver (I used power), small containter/baggy for screws.

Note: the black chalk paint used on my island is from michaels $13. I wouldn't recommend this for cabinets. lesson learned.


These are all the products i used to paint my cabinets.

to start, remove all of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, including the hardware. use a plastic bowl or baggy to put all your hardware in. next, use the tsp (with gloves) to clean the cabinets. it will successfully remove all dirt, grease, and grime. this stuff is amazing people! you'll find many uses for this gem!

when you're ready to paint, just go for it. Chalk paint is easy like that. no prior sanding needed. no primer needed. just go to town with that chalky goodness. you'll want to start with the foam brush in the crevices, those hard to reach spots. then come in with the roller to smooth out excess paint and the larger flat surfaces. i use foam only because i didn't want any paint brush marks to be visible. i would do multiple doors and drawer fronts at one time because the chalk paint dries pretty quickly. my kitchen was like an assembly line for painting. i used my COUNTER TOPS too, don't be afraid. chalk paint comes off really easily on smooth surfaces like that. 

my cabinets took 2 1/2 to 3 coats, depending on how heavy or lite i applied to begin with. I tend to lean to the lighter side because it dries quicker to get that second and third coat applied. once all the coats are applied and dried, then comes the polycrylic. this stuff is magic! it applies easily, a little goes a long way, and leaves a smooth silky finish, that's perfect for allowing easy clean up. use the same TECHNIQUE to paint it on as you do with the paint. again, a little goes a long way. once its dried (doesn't take long) you're ready to hang your doors and fronts back on. Completing the DIy'd kitchen update!

now, step back with a glass of wine, bottle of beer, or a shot of whiskey and admire this accomplishment of yours! you did it! be proud! and make sure to tag me on social media so i can see your beautiful updated kitchen!

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