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Who else loves signs as much as I do? I mean like, kinda uber obsessed. Everytime, seriously, everytime I'm scrolling through Instagram and I see all the cute signs that speak to me, the contrast in the colors between the stained wood frames, white or black back and contrasting lettering. Everytime...the heart strings are pulled. I just love a good sign. And the proof is not only on the walls in my home, but also the closet in my now office (guest bedroom). it's full of leftover, not being used, and holiday signs. Teehee, ssshhh...don't tell the hubs!

These signs you see, that adorn the walls and decor in my home, are designed by Devanie and DJ of adams & co. They're a Husband & Wife Duo, that started designing and creating signs in their garage back in 2003. after a few months of this, with success & tolerating EACH OTHER on the daily (because that can be a feet, amiright?! haha!), they decided to start wholesaling to retailers. After a short time, they became so successful that they had to grow and outsource so they could make sure to keep focus at home and on family. 

their simple philosophy is this...Inspired by life. and that they do. they offer products that inspire us on the daily. inspire us for the holidays. inspire us for special events. they're proud to say their products are sold in thousands of retailers in the us and canada. and you can also purchase these same items online at 

devanie and Dj are so kind to offer my followers 10% off online orders. plus, free shipping on orders over $25! use code neutralnest. head over and start browsing friends. you're sure to find something or everything!

happy shopping!

Meg xoxo

You can find devanie to say hello over on instagram & also @adamsandcompany.


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