On the Second Day of Recipes my true love made for me...

Welcome to the second day of sharing for the 12 days of Recipes Series.

I'm introducing to you a family favorite of ours. It's a salad that's tride and true and has the versatility to be changed through the seasons. 

Pear & Pomegranate Baby Spinach Salad

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1 package of baby spinach

1 small red onion

1 medium sized ripe pear (This can be replaced with a green apple)

1 small ripe pomegranate (These fruits are best when soft to the touch)

1 small package of dried cranberries (you can also sub for dried blueberries)

1 small package of cinnamon pecans (you can sub out for regular pecans or walnuts even)

1 small container of crumbled gorgonzola (Or try crumbled blue cheese)

2-3 tbsp. of balsamic vinegar (it's also fun to try flavored balsamic vinegar)

1 tbsp. of Olive Oil (optional)

Salt & Pepper to taste


empty your spinach container into your serving bowl for starters. next you'll want to prep and cut the pear, pomegranate, and onion.

to cut the pear and red onion, i simply slice them down the middle to create two halves. i take my knife and slice length ways down the fruit (or vegetable) to create long slivers. my way to julienne. you can then add these on top of your spinach.

next, slice the pomegranate into two, like you cut the pear and onion. you'll then begin removing the seeds and placing those in a SEPARATE container. DISCARD the membrane and peel. once you're finished, you can freely add as many as you'd like to your salad. a ripe seed will be crunchy and burst with juice. unripe seeds are hard and unappealing to use in a salad. 

now the fun and easy part! Let's get those other goodies added. you can freely add the dried fruit, nuts, and cheese. this all depends on how heavy handed you like to be. Or maybe how much your family likes or dislikes cheese. 

once everything is added give everything a nice gentle toss with your fingers, as to not bruise the spinach. i don't recommend using a utensil, as this will easily bruise your spinach and that's not so appetizing. 

if you decide to loosely make your own dressing you can do that next, combining your balsamic vinegar with some olive oil and Salt & Pepper to taste. 

we choose to go straight with balsamic. we only use fresh balsamic we get from a local shop. it's so much tastier and doesn't have that wop you upside the head with vinegar taste. it's also fun to INCORPORATE some flavored BALSAMIC instead.  

when you're ready to serve your salad, this is when you'll drizzle the dressing over the salad. be gentle when using any utensils (i prefer wood) to toss. 

Now, dig in and enjoy friends!

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i hope you enjoy making this, serving it, and eating it! stay tuned for day 3 tomorrow!




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