On the Fourth Day of Recipes my true love made for me...

Welcome back! Here we are! The 4th recipe on the list of 12. I'm loving all the feedback over this series and how much ya'll are loving these recipes! So, let the sharing continue!

Cheese & Charcuterie 

Char-cu-te-rie (noun) - 1. cold cooked meats collectively.
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This is one of my go to apps for any occasion. Think every single holiday. Think dinner parties. Think friends night in and even date night in. These are a perfect accompaniment to many heavy forward dishes and pair perfectly with any wine, I'm bias to reds!

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There are many ways and many versions you can go with cheese and charcuterie. I can't say I've done it the same way twice. There are literally no wrong ways to prepare and present this fun app aka munchie food. 

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Here's a list of some of my favorite ingredients to use, to bring together this crowd pleaser.

  • Any cured meats (that's "chefs" choice) like salame, sopressata, pepperoni, prosciutto, and the like. 
  • Any cheese, again chef's choice. I like to use cheddar as a base and then get more creative from there. Using cheeses that are infused (green onion, cranberry, etc.), soft cheese like bri, and specialty cows and goats milk cheeses. 

Here's the base. Now I begin filling in the rest. Next up, crackers and bread.We need some vehicle of getting it in the food hole. Amiright?!

  • I like to stick to gourmet and specialty crackers. They're usually the same price or maybe $1-2 more, but can truly enhance the look and flavor. Also, I like to keep it basic on the bread and go with a french baguette, either pre-sliced (shown here) or a fresh loaf to cut. 

Here's where the fun creative parts starts for me. There are many accompaniments to garnish a cheese & charcuterie platter.

  • Pictured here, are some : Dried Figs, Grapes, stuffed olives, variety of nuts, candied pecans, fig jam, & dijon mustard.
  • Other accompaniments I like to use include; raw honey with comb, variety of olives, marinated artichokes, marinated peppers (that I like to stuff with herb goat cheese), different flavors of jams (sweet & savory), olive tapenade, fresh pears, & apples,  just to name a few. 
  • Another way i like to get creative is how i serve said ingredients. I like to use different styles and shapes of platters, different vessels for things like jams, and here, I used brown craft paper draped over my island. Get even more creative by writing or drawing on the paper to label some of the foods. You can also use sticks, picks, and mini chalkboard signs to label the cheese. 

i hope this inspires you to go on to enjoy your own homemade charcuterie platter. don't forget to pair it with your fav wine! 

(stores i shop: sprouts, whole foods, publix, Trader joes, & tjMaxx/Marshalls (jarred and dry goods)). 







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