It's a Woodland Wonderland Tablescape

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Thank you for stopping by & i hope you also enjoyed the wonderful tablescape over at Dining delight. I'm super excited to share with ya'll my woodland wonderland tablescape. sit back, relax, and lets take the tour of the tables together.

as they say, The days are long but the years are short. No truer words have been spoken.

Here we are! Mere days separate us between the chaos and insanity of scrambling to decorate our tables, to perfect, to buy gifts and wrap them up in cute paper adorned with matching bows; and that of the chaos and insanity that comes crashing down around us on Christmas morning, as paper and bows are flying around and our beautiful tablescapes become disrupted by the warm loving bodies that we do this for. 

Is it all worth it? All the stress we inflict on ourselves to make the perfect table setting, and the perfect menu, along with all the gift buying and wrapping. Well of course it is!

If you're like me, designing, styling, and decorating is an escape. It's my stress reliever. It's my calm happy place. Now, if you're not like me in that way, that's okay. I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to be hard or a long arduous task. In fact, this year I decided to take it simple. 

I was obsessed, prior to the holidays, to decorate with lots and lots of pine trees. To create myself a "Woodland Wonderland" as I coined it. I adorned and crammed loads of trees onto my buffet for that affect and therefore craved a simple place setting for my farmhouse dining table.

IMG_0889 (2).jpg

One of the rules I set for myself, I wasn't going to go buy a bunch of new stuff to achieve what i envisioned. I wanted to simplify and that included not taking one trip after another, spending money, when I had almost everything I needed here at home. I literally shopped my own home. I decided to first take a look at what I already had sitting on my table from fall. also, i new ahead of time (because I'm an over planner) what I wanted different (I'll get to that...). 

So, what did I already have? Wood slice chargers - check. Neutral tea towels turned napkins - check. White plates - check. Lots of brass candlesticks - check (I had taken time to collect these by antiquing or giving the good 'ol puppy dog eyes to my Mom, who is a hoarder of amazing antiques!). There ya have it, the base and majority of what I was to use for my table setting.

Now, onto what I already planned for the finishing touches. I knew I wanted to have these simple little wrapped boxes with gift tags as sort of a centerpiece for each place setting. So, the shopping outside the house began. Fortunately, the two stores I shopped the most, were right next door to each other! The other, right down the street. Score! The best was all either on sale a/o on budget!

First, I hit up Target & Michaels for the majority of what I needed to achieve the gift boxes and greenery for my woodland scene. I found the books at Goodwill to demo and used the pages in the place setting. they were Super cheap and i was able to use the leftover to stack in my woodland buffet scene. Another score! (You can shop my space below).

So, with out further ado, here is my simple woodland wonderland tablescape!

Thank you all for visiting and I hope you find inspiration and that little push to take the reindeer by the horns! Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

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