Getting Organized in 2018

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Hi friends! Better late than never they say...

I've been so busy actually getting organized around the entire house that it's taken me some time to formulate this post.

This is all about getting and staying organized in 2018. I'm here to offer my tips and tricks on how to start, where to start, and how to stay organized. 

So lets get this party started!

1. How To start:

  • grab some writing materials. start with some good ol fashioned list making. where do you want to organize? Kitchen cabinets, closets, bathroom cabinets, all of those and then some? well, work one area at a time, in your mind. For example, lets start with the kitchen. 
  • kitchen: organize kitchen cabinets (throw out old containers not in use or missing lids - clean out the junk draw - clean up under the sink), clean out the pantry (throw out all expired food, organize like products together), clean out the REFRIGERATOR (throw out all expired foods, take everything out to clean the inside with antibac cleaner, reorganize in bins, keep alike products together).
  • then move onto the next space. Maybe it will be more detailed or maybe not. depends on what your needs are. i went on a complete purge, clean, and organize. 
  • once i was happy with my thoughts being organized, first and foremost, on paper; i was then able to start the process of actually doing it. 
  • the next thing i did, was go shopping for organizational bins. all styles, all sizes. i bought more than i needed because i didn't want to run out. and lets be honest, any extra will get use somewhere. or you can return it. here are some products i would recommend for using in cabinetry and pantry/closets.

2. where to start

  • decide where you want to start. i went big first. i had super human motivation to get this done and while i had that, i wanted to tackle the kitchen.
  • first, i started with the cabinets. starting at one end and working my way down the line. upper first. then lower. using the organizational pieces i got to organize the spaces that needed it. Like, spice cabinet/drawer, baking cabinet, utensil drawer, junk drawer, and under the sink products. 
  • as i'm going along, cleaning out, i'm organizing shelves inside cabinets, sometimes using the containers where needed, or putting cups and glasses back into order (after being randomly shoved anywhere and everywhere). Same for the drawers, pulling it all out, deciding whats used and whats not. getting rid of those pieces we've had for eons and still never use. People, get. rid. of. it. I promise you wont miss is. this is a part of organizing, purging is necessary to feel a since of cleansing; for mind and soul. 
  • in the process, you'll start to feel lighter, less chaotic, almost euphoric for achieving this feat. 

3. How to stay organized

  • I'm here to tell you, it's so much easier to stay organized when you've UTILIZED a couple tricks, i've already offered.
  • one, getting storage organization (see pictures with links above); two, purging.
  • when you've provided your cabinets, closets, refrigerator, etc, with organizational storage pieces, it's so much easier to keep your items compartmentalized, therefore staying organized. Take your spice cabinet for example. when they're all in one place (in a bin), maybe even in new containers with labels, it's easier to keep it that way. there's a dedicated home for these beloved spices. the same goes for items in your REFRIGERATOR, pantry, closets, bathroom cabinets, etc. 
  • the other trick to staying organized, is purging while in the process of organizing. really process what you don't need. what has been sitting in the back of that cabinet, closet, pantry, etc. if it's been there and you forgot, then you probably don't need it. it's just taking up space. so, a trip to goodwill (or other donation shop) will be in order after all of this is said and done. 

I've found some helpful resources on pinterest to help you get started and help in the process of getting organized.

List 1

list 2

list 3

list 4

list 5

okay friends, now at this point, you're hopefully well on your way to this! Or, in the midst, or even complete. isn't it invigorating? don't you feel proud? not only of yourself, but of your home. congrats!

if you have any further questions, please leave them here! I'm happy to offer up more tips & Tricks!

Happy Organizing friends!





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