DIY Olive Stem Topiary Tutorial

DIY Olive Stem Topiary

Hey Friends! So, after scouring the interwebs for olive tree topiaries, only to come up with ones costing upwards of $60 per, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. 

I shopped for the few items needed, online, in store, and at home, to complete these one of a kind topiaries, at a more reasonable cost. All told, it should cost you less than $30 to make TWO!

So, first off, I'm including your shopping list.

Pack of 4 Olive stems

Glue Gun with sticks

Moss 1

Moss 2

Moss 3

Terra Cotta Pots 1

Terra Cotta Pots 2

Foam Inserts & other terra cotta pot options (find at any craft store) 


Gather your materials.


start by SEPARATing your stems, two per. insert stems together into the foam form. going as far down as the bottom of the foam but not poking through.

Next, hot glue the bottom of the foam and insert it into your terra cotta pot. holding for 10 seconds to allow the foam to attach and dry. then, with hot glue gun in hand, start connecting the stems with hot glue, on the back side of the stems. holding them together as you go, to allow them to attach and dry. once that step is done, it's on to the finishing touch!


Add your moss to the top of the foam, pressing lightly into the sides where there is gap between the foam and pot. if you use this type of moss there is no need to hot glue, unless you want to. the looser moss, you may want to hot glue to avoid fall off. And voila! all done! step back and admire your work of art!


if you have any questions, feel free to leave them here on this post. Happy DIY'ing friends!




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