DIY Painted Fireplace


Welllll hey there my friends! It's been a hot minute since I last posted in the blog. BIG bad on me, buuuuut in my defense, I did pack up an entire house, move to another one, then go on vacation for a week. So, there ya have it. Anywhoooo....moving on.

The real reason you're here is to get the skinny on how I achieved success (after a BIG hiccup) on painting this fireplace surround, on a BUDGET!


So, grab a pen & pad, jot some notes, then get onto that DIY friend!

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1. Start by prepping your space. Cleaning, dusting, de-cluttering. Unless you want dust bunnies up in your paint, this step is important!

2. Next, use your handy dandy Painter Tape to tape off areas you don't want paint on. Like, floor, wall, fireplace surround, etc. 

Side Note: So, let me tell ya about this next step friends...I learned the hard way. After 2 coats of regular latex paint, I was getting some serious tannin bleed through. That's when a compound in woods seeps through the paint, causing a yellow-ish or brown-ish tint. That's a BIG NO GO for moi! So, after some trusted advice...onto the hardware store for the trusty first product you'll want to use when painting bare wood & old furniture pieces. Okay, on to it. 

3. Now we're ready to get our paint on! First up, for bare wood and old pieces of furniture, you're going to want to use Kilz Brand OIL based primer, this blocks stains and those darn tannins that like to leak through regular paints. Using a Handy Paint Pail makes a HUGE difference in jobs like this. Apply a couple of coats or until you're pleased with it's coverage and allow to dry. 

KEY: Use separate brushes for each paint. For the OIL based paint, make sure to get a brush especially for oil or one that states for ALL Paint Types

4. Now the fun part! It's time for your top coat(s) of the perfect paint ready to finish of your piece! Since we're in a rental (and I got the go ahead from the LL) I just used what was on hand. That was the trusty Behr Paint & Primer in Ultra Pure White (semi-gloss). If you want a flatter paint, I would suggest Eggshell.

5. Voila! There ya have it buds! Super easy, when you've got the right products!


Happy Painting Friends! share your newly painted pieces with me on instagram, by tagging me {@meghardyhome}.


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